Life After Divorce: 3 Survival Skills

1. Seek Out a Support Network

Time heals.  No single strategy will ease the pain and loss that comes with divorce.  The best way to deal with the effects of divorce is to depend on a support network.  Reach out to friends.  Do not be afraid to join a support group for divorced individuals.  Support is not just for women, men need to find support too.


2. Redefine Yourself

Sometimes being divorced has a harsh reality of the fact that you are no longer a couple.  Try to look at this time as an opportunity of self-exploration.  Do not be afraid to get involved with new hobbies, activities, and interests.  Staying busy often helps in a constructive way.


3. Minimize the Impact on Kids

Try to minimize the pain children feel.  At all times possible try to keep things amicable.

In younger children, there may be regressive behavior like bed-wetting; in older children and teenagers, low self-esteem and risky behavior may surface.  Avoid  pulling children into any conflict with an ex-spouse as children will often feel that they have to “take sides.”

If you are struggling, do not hesitate to contact a mental health provider that can help you sort through your feelings and help with adapting to a new life.

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