Self-Care Tips for: Physical Health

In many ways, the mind and the body function as one. After all, it’s hard to have a clear head, or experience happiness and peace, when you have a nagging stomach ache, migraine, or other physical ailments. Keep your physical health on point with these self-care tips:

1. Drink a full glass of water, first thing in the a.m.

(Bonus points if you include lemon!) Why? Every day, we wake up slightly dehydrated – so a glass (or ideally two) rejuvenates your body and kick starts your digestion.

2. And drink more water, period.

Not sure whether you’re getting enough H2O? For women, the recommended amount is 9 cups; it’s 13 for men. Download Aloe Bud for friendly phone nudges to hydrate!

3. Get your seven to eight hours, every night.

Make sure you’re consistently getting your ZZZs. Sleep Cycle analyzes your slumber and wakes you up at your ideal time. If all else fails, setting a “bedtime alarm” is a great way to remind yourself it’s time to get some shuteye.

4. Get enough exercise.

Check out Zenrez for last-minute yoga and pilates classes in your area for discounted prices – it’s that much easier to make workouts happen when you can squeeze them in (for cheap!).